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Buying a home can be a lengthy, tedious, and at times stressful process. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking to purchase a home in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, Sam Albert can identify the home that not only fits your needs, but is right for you!


If you’re selling your home or investment property, you want to ensure that your property is priced correctly and will sell quickly. Additionally, you want to ensure that only qualified buyers are viewing the property. Sam Albert will ensure that your home is not only sold for what it’s worth, but that the process is as smooth as it can possibly be.

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Are you in need of an opinion of the market, or interested in buying or selling but just not quite sure yet? It may be worth a consultation appointment with Sam Albert. Sam can provide his knowledgeable opinion of the current market, and help you decide if now is the right time to buy or sell. Furthermore, you may have some barriers which prevent you from buying real estate at the moment. Some of these barriers include: Low Credit Scores, Lack of Funds, or Insufficient Income. Sam can help you raise your credit score, get access to funds, or find ways to increase your income.

  • It has always been a pleasure to work with Sam. The experience is always a smooth one and he always answers any questions you may have. We put an offer on the home and in less than a month we became home owners all thanks to Sam.

    -Crissany Gomez, Cranston

  • We had quite the journey in finding a home. We were determined to close on a house in 2017. Working with Sam made that dream come true. Before working with Sam, I worked with 2 previous realtors. My experience with them was very frustrating. I felt like the next steps were not clear. We decided to  work with Sam because of his knowledge and responsiveness. We were expecting our third child and we stressed the importance of space and a deadline around the arrival of the baby. Sam was very flexible, had great suggestions,recommendations and he met our expectations! It was a seamless process. Thanks to Sam, we are happy first time homeowners!

    -Rose Phildor, Providence

  • Sam was very knowledgeable when it came to looking into potential houses. He kept me away from bad situations whether it was the area or the inside of the house he is aware of the places to live and helped me successfully close on my 1st house in august!

    -Anthony Britto, Providence

  • If I could provide more stars I would. Sam has been a great real estate agent from the start. Communication is huge with Sam as well as keeping you informed on the processes of purchasing a home. He was able to navigate through road blocks with ease all while working to please his client. From the  beginning he helped me identify local areas of interest giving me the inside scope of how well an area is doing and if the house was worth purchasing. I can not say better things about Sam. Thank you for all your hard work Sam!

    -Victor Regino, Providence

  • It was a pleasure in working with Sam Albert. He was extremely knowledgeable about the market and looked out for my best interest. For the open houses, he pointed out potential problems that could arise and the necessary costs to fix. I have dealt with numerous real estate agents in the market but  nobody is in comparison to Sam. Throughout the mortgage process, which is the most dreading process, he kept me up-to-date throughout each step and encouraged to ask questions. Very respectful and polite gentleman.

    -Luis Olmo, Cranston

  • It was such a pleasure working with Sam. He made this long process of purchasing my first home so easy and painless every step of the way. He answered all of my questions and never made me feel as if I was bothering him. Sam always kept my best interest at heart and didn’t push to only benefit  himself. I will definitely recommend Sam to anyone who is looking into purchasing a home!

    -Annie Polanco, Cranston



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